Artist Instructor's Novel Published

Artist Instructor's Novel Published
Posted on 09/13/2018
Winter Sisters

Megan Collins, artist instructor from the Academy's Creative Writing department, received a publishing deal from Touchstone/Simon & Schuster for her original novel "The Winter Sister."

The book, which will be available this coming February, is a story about a woman who is dragged into her past to learn secrets surrounding her sister Persephone’s unsolved murder while forced to confront  her own guilt about that night.

According to the author, the inspiration for the story came from the Greek myth of “Persephone and Demeter.” In that story, Persephone goes missing causing her mother so much distress that she stops making the plants on Earth grow.

“It made me wonder what would have happened if Persephone had a sister, if Demeter had another daughter that she still had responsibilities to. Would she have fallen apart just as completely? If so, what would have happened to that other daughter, left to live on in the wake of her mother's neglect and the absence of her sister? THE WINTER SISTER is a contemporary exploration of that idea" said Collins.

The publication deal was a long time coming. Four years ago, Collins got representation from literary agent Sharon Pelletier. The Winter Sister is her third novel she worked on with Pelletier. Though her other two works came close, they never came all the way to publication. But like the saying goes, “a third time’s the charm.”

The Winter Sister will be officially released in February however; pre-order is available now.

Pre Order “Winter Sister” Here

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