ASD and GHAA Continue Creative Partnership

ASD and GHAA Continue Creative Partnership
Posted on 05/10/2018
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It is a friendship five years in the making. On Thursday April 26, ten creative writing students from the CREC Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts, along with students from the American School of the Deaf, came together to share their work at the Universalist Church in West Hartford. In what was part of the Riverwood Poetry Series, participants from both schools read poetry that they worked on throughout this year. They shared a combination of original work and led the audience through the year-long poetry collaboration including the different prompts used and the method used for collaboration.

Leading up to this event were the various workshops held each month alternating between the Academy and American School of the Deaf. During these sessions, ten Academy Students and ten students from ASD first wrote poems individually. They were then paired up to combine work and collaborate. Work included self-portrait poems, blackout poems,, and poetry generated from a list of words created by the students.

”Students from both schools were brave and articulate, showing artistic generosity, a willingness to improvise, and presenting beautiful poetry” says Academy department chair Rafael Oses.

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