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Creative Writing Courses

CW Survey Workshop (0.5 Credit)

In this class, students get an introduction to creative writing. They learn the power of "the word" and how it's central to creative writing. Collaboration through the workshop model is emphasized as vital to the writing process.

Exploratorium (0.5 Credit)

Students navigate the world of writing and literature, with reading interests inspiring their writing. They explore and examine subjects, style, structure, and significance—the craft of writing—and apply what they’ve discovered to their own writing.

Paintry and Poeting (0.5 Credit)

This class explores the relationship between art and writing, part studio art, art history, writing, and literature. Students consider the visuality of letters and words and create work through different media while studying the work of writers and artists.

Vital Writing (0.5 Credit)

This class explores essays as a genre that offers students the opportunity to discover and express their world in their own words. Readings include authors from the past and present, and students create work from their lives, experiences, and opinions.

Writing Fiction (0.5 Credit)

Students closely analyze short stories for structure, genre, character development, and statement. Using published stories as models, they create their own short fiction, focusing first on craft, followed by extensive revision.

Mythology (0.5 Credit)

This class explores classical mythology to inspire themes and characters in students' poems and stories. It also looks at modern and contemporary works inspired by or written in response to the myths being studied.

Down Your Streets (0.5 Credit)

This class defines landscape as both inner and outer and explores the question: Where are you from? Students address landscape, both physical and emotional, and setting in their work, drawing inspiration from literary models and their own experiences.

Slam Poetry (0.5 Credit)

In Slam Poetry, students explore the art of slam as a form of raw, emotional, and identity-based expression. They learn about slam's history, rules, and how to write and perform slam poems. This class is for creators ready to ask themselves the hard questions and hear their own answers out loud.

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