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Theater Interior


 The Theater of the Performing Arts opened in January 2001 and houses a 622-seat, state-of-the-art proscenium theater, a 120-seat flexible theater, classrooms and support spaces.

The Theater of the Performing Arts has the following features:

  • Sparkling, dramatic, and visually inspiring theater.
  • Fully equipped, 85' x 34' stage, suitable for theater, dance, music, conferences, training presentations and other types of events.
  • Box Office for professional ticket sales, handled by trained Academy staff.
  • Spacious lobbies, suitable for presentations or receptions as well as audience enjoyment and comfort before and after the events
  • State-of-the-art lighting and audio equipment, operated by a trained professional staff.
  • Orchestra Pit.
  • The excitement of being part of the Learning Corridor, a concentrated array of facilities with a fundamental commitment to inspired learning.
  • Ample, free, secured parking in the Learning Corridor parking garage.
  • Additional spaces are available for rent. These include classrooms, dressing rooms, and a flexible seating "black box" type of theater with capacity for up to 150 people, with lobby area. 


Booking Space At The Theater

If your organization is interested in using the Theater you should contact the Theater's Administrative Office for an initial meeting, tour and rental estimate.

For more information call Jim Keller at 860-757-6336



Scheduling And Fees

Scheduling priority is given to the Academy and The Learning Corridor schools. The theater management seeks to enhance the mission of the Academy and The Learning Corridor with programs that present opportunities for educational collaboration. Master classes by presenting artists and events that provide involvement for Academy students will receive scheduling preference. Not all requested dates are available. Fees are determined on a graduated scale, based on the affiliation and tax status of the sponsoring organization. CREC affiliates, the City of Hartford, and the State of Connecticut receive priority consideration on facility rental rates. 

Labor Rates 

  • 1 Lighting/audio technician - 4 hour minimum at $40/hour
  • 1 House Manager - 4 hour minimum at $40/hour
  • 1 Garage Security Guard - 4 hour minimum at $35/hour
  • 1 Lobby Security Guard - 4 hour minimum at $35/hour
  • 1 Janitor - 4 hour minimum at $35/hour

    Events may require additional staffing at an additional cost. Additional staffing for ticket sales, technical support, and other requirements is determined by Theater Management in cooperation with the presenter and is based on project size and scope.

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    Theater Facility Use Information