Visual Artist Contribute To Their Community

Visual Artist Contribute To Their Community
Posted on 02/19/2018
CREC Cares

Visual artists’ from the CREC Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts loaned their talents to assist their community. Seven students from the school contributed  artwork whichwas displayed on Valentine’s Day cards. The cards were then sold in exchange for a donation to the CREC Cares Foundation.

CREC Cares is an employee directed giving program within the Capitol Region Education Council. Its purpose is to provide assistance to teachers, staff members, and students who are affected by a catastrophic incident causing economic hardship.

The cards created by the students were sold through much of the month of February and helped to raise funds for CREC Cares. The students involved were in the Digital Photography and 9th Grade Painting classes taught by Carrie Ricciardeli and Nancy Doherty.

The following students’ artwork was used on the cards.

Hazel Chapman, 10th grade
Abby West, 11th grade
Lenis Pereira-Ortiz, 10th grade
Adriana Marrero, 9th grade
Isabella Taverney, 9th grade
Jesenia Doyon, 9th grade
Maurice Clark, 9th grade