The Arts Academy is committed to ensuring the success of all students. We are proud of the vibrant community that we have developed over the past 30 years, which depends on parents, guardians and families as an integral part of maintaining a productive, successful school environment.

In this section, you’ll find some resources to help you learn more about your studies at the Arts Academy, including information about the the daily schedule, special activities, transportation details/bus schedules, our dress code policies and the FAFSA application process.

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Power School

The Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts is committed to keeping parents and students informed of students' academic performance. The GHAA Parent Portal is an Internet-based program that allows you to check in on your child's academic achievement progress. We encourage you to make use of our Parent Portal to keep in touch with your child's achievement grades throughout the school year.

Parents/Guardians are mailed a user name and password at the beginning of the school year. If you have difficulty with your login or password please contact Christine Diaz-Ocasio at For security reasons, a new password or ID will be mailed to the current home address on file. Please contact the subject area teacher with any questions regarding specific grades. To view your child's achievement grades on-line, use a working Internet connection and any common Internet browser.

Type in the following information:

  • The web address (URL) is
  • Your Guardian/Parent Confidential logon ID
  • Your Guardian/Parent Password

You can view your child's progress by clicking on the grade for each class. As this is our initial implementation of the web Parent Portal, you may see different levels of information vary from class to class or teacher to teacher. In addition, since each student's progress is an ongoing average, grade percentages will change over the course of the marking period. Grades will be updated each Monday by 8:00 a.m. The implementation of Parent Portal is limited to Non-Arts Academic classes. While you may view information regarding Arts classes, that information may not be updated or complete. Questions about Arts classes should be directed to your student's Arts Department Chair.

Request Transcripts

If you would like to request a transcript, please fill out the form below and we will be happy to send one out to you.
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Social Media

The Arts Academy currently has Facebook page where you can receive updates on happenings at the Arts Academy. Click below to follow us.


Parents, Friends, and Alumni Association (PFAA)

pfaa Parents and alumni may participate in a very active Parents, Friends, and Alumni Association (PFAA). PFAA meetings are held monthly at the Arts Academy. PFAA members work together to enhance the visibility of the Arts Academy and to plan special events that generate revenue for the school, and to support the efforts of parents of artistically gifted students. To date, PFAA members have sponsored the annual orientation for incoming students, a college financial aid workshop for parents, a field trip to the Performing and Visual Arts College Fair in Boston, and annual fundraisers. 


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