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Arts Academy Alumni are a vibrant addition to communities across the country. Every year, 96% of our graduates go on to college or enter professional training programs. Our seniors receive honors and awards like National Honor Society, Scholastic Gold Key Portfolio Awards, and Presidential Scholarships.

Alumni Contact

shenel johnsWe recognize that alumni seek to reunite with the Arts Academy, and we truly look forward to connecting with you! By completing the Alumni Contact Form we can keep you informed of special events at the Arts Academy and ways in which you can make a difference in the lives of young aspiring artists through the use of your time or by becoming an Arts Academy Donor.

Through your active involvement, we hope that you can serve in the broader community as ambassadors for the Arts Academy and for education in general. If you are seeking ways in which to participate in and support the programs, services and events of the Arts Academy, contact the appropriate GHAA department chair. Your contributions of time, talent and treasure are greatly appreciated.

Alumni Contact Form

Alumni Visits

Each year, we invite alumni to come back to the Arts Academy and meet with students. Alumni talk about their experiences since graduating. They show films, field questions and sometimes teach an afternoon class session!

Parent, Friends, Alumni, Association

PFAAWe continue to embrace alumni as vital stakeholders in advancing the mission of the school. Arts Academy Alumni are encouraged to participate in and support the programs, services and events of the Arts Academy, and to pursue leadership opportunities available in our Parent, Friends, and Alumni Association (PFAA). PFAA members work together to enhance the visibility of the Arts Academy and to plan special events that generate revenue for the school, and to support the efforts of parents of artistically gifted students. Please visit their website below.



Many of our graduates are going on to college and/or exciting careers. View a list of their new colleges and graduation plans.

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