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Academic Curriculum (Full Day Only)

classCREC Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts has an academically rigorous curriculum which enables all students to work toward achieving up to and beyond the State academic standards upon completion of the program.

Courses are geared toward the artistic sensibilities of aspiring artists. These classes count toward the state’s high school graduation requirements in the areas of English, Mathematics, Science, Physical Education, Health, Social Studies, World Language and the Arts.

Students completing the programs at the Arts Academy should leave as a viable candidate for a college program as well as create and replicate, on his/her own, that which he/she has been taught and to prepare and perform any work while understanding the context in which that work occurs as an artist.

Please refer to the Program of Studies below for more detailed information.

program of studies

Arts Curriculum

music classArts Academy arts courses expose students to the work in a variety of disciplines, both to refine their abilities and to provide practical experience in a range of possible college career paths. See below for descriptions of our 2018-2019 department offerings.

Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts Full Day (2019-2020 School Year)

In Our Full day program starting in 2019-2020, the student chooses their own path of artistic study from a range of course offerings. Artistic Tracks offered in this program are Creative Writing, Music, Dance, Media Production, graphic design, film, music production, and game design.

Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts Half Day (2019-2020 School Year)

In the afternoon arts only program, students are placed in an artistic major and follow a prescribed curriculum within that major. 

Visit Our Prospective Students Page to Learn More about boths program and how to apply.

Prospective Students