Meet The Student Dancers -Hartford Courant Story

Meet The Student Dancers -Hartford Courant Story
Posted on 10/18/2018
Choreographers' Showcase

Courtesy of the Hartford Courant

At a rehearsal for the upcoming 2018 Choreographers’ Showcase at the Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts on Vernon Street, this dance — choreographed by Susannah Marchese — doesn’t yet have a name. But all eight dancers know it by heart. It is their first performance of it onstage after working for weeks in classrooms and rehearsal studios or practicing to videos at home.

“Before I came to this school, I knew nothing about dance,” says senior Andrew Gannon of Colchester, who has only been dancing for two years and is the only male dancer in the showcase. Gannon switched from musical theater to dance after playing a Jet in “West Side Story” in his freshman year. He now takes ballet classes every day, modern dance twice a week and courses in choreography and composition. He dances in three of the six dances in the showcase, which is Oct. 27 at the academy.

Each dance is created by a different professional choreographer. Any school would be happy to have any one of them putting the students through their paces. But having six, with all the stylistic and directorial variety that implies, is an extraordinary opportunity, and the students know it.

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