School Counseling

The mission of the School Counseling and Student Support Services at the Arts Academy is to enable students to acquire the educational, career and personal skills necessary to function and contribute in a changing society. Through collaborative efforts with school and district staff, parents/guardians, community members and service providers, the counseling department works to provide a safe, respectful and engaging environment that facilitates student development and well-being.

School counseling services are available for every student in the school. These services include assistance with educational planning, interpretation of test scores, occupational information, career information, assistance in arranging tutorial help in subjects, assistance with academic, personal, and social concerns, or any situation in which the student would like to discuss with the counselor. Students, with the help of the guidance secretary, may arrange an appointment to see a counselor.

Guidance Web Resources for Students and Families [PDF]

Our Guidance Counselors:

Lynn Hoffman - Academic Advisor (860) 757-6323; e-mail
All Half-Day students college counseling

Ashley Mazzoli - Full-Day School Counselor (860) 757-6300 ext. 3556; e-mail
(Students Last name A-L)

Bob Sorensen - Full-Day School Counselor (860) 757-6300 ext. 3557; e-mail
(Students Last Name M-Z)

Erin Shemeth - Full-Day School Counselor (860) 757-6300 ext. 6335; e-mail
(Half-Day Councilor )

The following are some helpful links provided by our Guidance Department: