Summer Reading

GHAA Reads!

GHAA ReadsSummer Reading 2018

The goal is simple: read as many appropriately levelled books as possible this summer and keep a list of the titles. At the end of the summer, pick your favorite book and explain why you picked it. In the fall, review the book and share your favorite with a peer.

Participate in the 2018 Governor’s Reading Challenge:

Link: Libraries Rock

Did You Know?

  • Reading improves your memory.
  • Reading expands your vocabulary. .
  • Reading boosts your analytical thinking. .
  • Reading enhances your writing. .
  • Reading supports relaxation. .
  • Reading increases your ability to be empathetic. .
  • Reading builds your background knowledge. .

Places for Free Books:

  • Hartford Book Give Away, June 9
  • Your local library
  • Link:
  • Access to thousands of e-books, audio books, and more with your public library card
  • Link: Capstone Interactive Summer Reading
  • Login: summer18
     Password: lovetoread
  • Kindle & Nook - including free e-reading apps on other devices Access to new free ebooks each month
  • Google Play
  • Bibliomania (more on the back)
  • Family & friends!

Summer Reading Contests, Challenges, and Resources:

  • Hartford Public Library Summer Youth Learning (details included)

  • Link: Sync Summer Audiobooks for Teens

  • Link: Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge: A Magical Summer of Reading

  • Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Program for Kids
  • Earn a free book for every 8 books you read

  • Link: The Ninth Annual New York Times Summer Reading Challenge
  •  Read articles from the NYT and post responses